What is El Palenque?

Estancia El Palenque (estancia is spanish for "ranch") is a sprawling 50,000 acre ranch nestled at the foot of the rugged Cordillera Andes mountains and located in the southern region of Patagonia's world famous "Lake Region and River Region." It is home to one of Argentina's most beautiful and prolific freestone trout rivers, the Rio Corcovado, and is within driving distance of many other world class fiheries. The elevation change on the ranch from the valley floor to the surrounding mountains is almost four thousand feet, so you can imagine how spectacular the setting is.

The ranch El Palenque holds over 30 kilometers of some of the best all around fishing on the cold, crystal clear running waters of the Rio Corcovado. The Corcovado is a virtually unexplored river teeming with beautiful rainbows and huge browns. It also boasts many large chinook (or King) salmon that have been migrating from the Pacific Ocean to spawn farther up river, near the river's spectacular waterfalls on the estancia, for the past fifteen years.

Originally a sheep ranch, like most ranches in the area, production has converted to cow/calf operations primarily consisting of Hereford bred cattle. When you visit the ranch you will see a genuine Argentine cattle operation with gauchos and cattle horses and dogs and all of the makings of a first class ranch operation.


Joe Luter III and Jeff Wells are the owners of El Palenque. They spent years looking for the perfect trophy ranch that encompassed pristine beauty, remoteness, the best in world class fishing and comfortable facilities and location. El Palenque was the best of the best and when you visit you will see why.

Estancia El Palenque is right on the continental divide with the Tecka River (Rio Tecka) born on the east side of the divide and flowing into the Atlantic Ocean. The beautiful Corcovado River flows into Chile and the Pacific Ocean 65 miles away. The ranch not only has the Corcovado River but spring creeks as well and the most diverse and interesting and challenging fishing waters you have ever seen. We have literally hundreds of kilometers of creeks that are full of fun to catch brook trout and the rivers Commisario and Gaucho which are also full of large rainbows.

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Why Patagonia?

Visitors to the famous lake and river region of Patagonia, Argentina walk around with their mouths open, constantly muttering things like, "unbelievable," "awesome," "breathtaking" and just plain "wow."

And that's before they make their first cast. For over one hundred years, this place has been a well-kept secret. Just now being discovered, totally secluded and remarkably pristine, this area resembles British Columbia, Jackson Hole, Telluride and the Swiss Alps all rolled up in one.