Water and Fish

During the months of November and December, pacific Chinook Salmon run up the river to the estancia which adds a special fishing element as well!

Water levels are generally ideal January through April and even if low or hight the fishing is tremendous. November and December ould have high water levels as you would have with any spring run-off, but when this occurs, the Pacific Chinook Salmon come in prolific masses for some different sport fishing. The river fishes rainbow and brown trout all year long.


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Why Patagonia?

Visitors to the famous lake and river region of Patagonia, Argentina walk around with their mouths open, constantly muttering things like, "unbelievable," "awesome," "breathtaking" and just plain "wow."

And that's before they make their first cast. For over one hundred years, this place has been a well-kept secret. Just now being discovered, totally secluded and remarkably pristine, this area resembles British Columbia, Jackson Hole, Telluride and the Swiss Alps all rolled up in one.