Guides and Equipment

All of our guides are returning from last year and this year we will have some new local quides as well and amongst all they speak fair to excellent english, spanish and Portuguese. Our guides work hard for tips and are very knowledgeable and friendly having guided in Idaho, Utah, Bolivia and Argentina.


Gear to bring

Polarized Glasses
Quality Breathable Waders
Gravel Guards
Quality felt soled wading boots (spiked boots are a plus)
Wading staff (optional but recommended)
Quality breathable rain gear Midweight and expedition weight Capilene fleece (or comparable fleece) for
insulation under waders and for upper torso
Fleece jacket(s)
Quality heavy duty wading socks (Patagonia, Simms Smartwool,etc.)
Long sleeved fishing shirts
Wide brimmed hat, and/or baseball cap for sun
Leaders, 71/2 and 9 feet, 2x, 3x, and 4x
Tippet, 2x through 5x
Fingerless fishing gloves, fleece and/or sungloves
Personal medications

Dry Flies
Stimulator, sizes 8 through 16; yellow, olive, orange
Elk hair caddis, size 10 through 16
Goddard caddis, size 10 through 16
Parachute Adams, size 12 through 16
Turck’s Tarantula, size 8 through 12, yellow, olive, andnatural
Madam X, size 8 thru 14, yellow
Chernobyl Ant, size 8 through 12, black/tan, black/black andblack/orange
Parachute Ant, sizes 14 thru 18
Parachute Hopper, sizes 6 thru 14, tan and olive
Black Beetles, size 8 thru 16
Dave’s Hopper, size 8 thru 12
Hexagenia mayfly adults and cripples, sizes 6 and 8 (December thru mid Feb. only)
Cicada, sizes 8 thru 12
Royal Wulff, sizes 10 thru 16
Humpy, standard or royal, sizes 12 thru 16, Yellow, Red,Olive
Trudes, black, royal, or peacock, sizes 10 thru 14

Bead Head Prince, Bead Head Pheasant Tail (flashback or natural), Bead Head
Hare’s Ear (flashback or natural), Bead Head Red Fox Squirrel nymphs; sizes
10 thru 16 Bitch Creek nymph, weighted, sizes 8 thru 12
Soft Hackles, size 12 and 14, olive, tan, and orange
Montana Stone, weighted, size 8 and 10
Bead Head caddis larva and pupa, size 12 thru 16, olive and tan

Black, Olive, White weighted Wooly Buggers (bead or no bead),sizes 6 thru 10
Matukas, olive and black, sizes 6 and 8
Spruce fly, Natural and Furnace, sizes 8
and 10
Kiwi muddler, natural and olive, sizes 6 and 8
Muddler minnow, natural, sizes 8 thru 12
Double Bunny, olive/white, sizes 4 and 6


Patagonia Expeditions

Flyingfishing Argentina

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Springville, UT 84663

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Why Patagonia?

Visitors to the famous lake and river region of Patagonia, Argentina walk around with their mouths open, constantly muttering things like, "unbelievable," "awesome," "breathtaking" and just plain "wow."

And that's before they make their first cast. For over one hundred years, this place has been a well-kept secret. Just now being discovered, totally secluded and remarkably pristine, this area resembles British Columbia, Jackson Hole, Telluride and the Swiss Alps all rolled up in one.