Estancia El Palenque resides on the southern end of what is known as Patagonia's "lake and river district" about one hour south of the famous Welsh village Trevelin and one and half hours south of the ski resort Esquel. It is filled with breathtaking, snowcapped Andes peaks, waterfalls, rivers and lakes. A few hours drive into Chile, through the border village of Palena, puts you right in the middle of Chilean Norwegian fjord-like territory written about by Charles Darwin. CondeNast Travel magazine called this area of Patagonia one of the most beautiful and exotic destinations in the world.


On roughly the same parallel as Oregon, this flyfishing estancia has within its 50,000 acres the same feel as backwoods country in Vancouver, Oregon and Idaho with a few Swiss Alps thrown in. Very few roads exist here, so visiting any valley, canyon or walk up a stream is like exploring a new world. Many places can still only be reached on horseback. The world is shrinking so fast and very few places remain the way they would have looked and felt 100 years ago. The area where El Palenque resides is one of the few unique places left where everything feels clean, pure and unspoiled. Like most mountainous areas the weather can change from hour to hour. Wearing several layers of clothing all year round is practical. Winds can blow anytime, but are not bothersome. The warm Pacific winds blow up against the Andes and drop their moisture right on the east side of the Andes and on the "lake district" creating the fertile valley where the ranch is located and the flyfishing experiences abound.


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Why Patagonia?

Visitors to the famous lake and river region of Patagonia, Argentina walk around with their mouths open, constantly muttering things like, "unbelievable," "awesome," "breathtaking" and just plain "wow."

And that's before they make their first cast. For over one hundred years, this place has been a well-kept secret. Just now being discovered, totally secluded and remarkably pristine, this area resembles British Columbia, Jackson Hole, Telluride and the Swiss Alps all rolled up in one.