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You can get to El Palenque by flying from many cities in the U.S. to BuenosAires,where you will transfer from the international airport to the Newberry Domestic Airport. (We can help you arrange this transfer if you wish.  We have used the same transfer person (Ariel Maggioli) for 7 years and people love him and we have never had a complaint) A two-hour flight over Patagonia takes you to the amazingly simple Esquel airport located at the foot of the snow-capped Andes. We will be there at the airport to pick you up.  You will then drive through the two small towns of Esquel and Traveling and about an hour later you will arrive at the small pueblo of Corcovado, with its 1,200 mostly agrarian townspeople.  Our ranch is on the outskirts of this little town.

The drive from Bariloche is five and a half hours and we think one of the most beautiful drives in the world. It will take longer if you stop for pictures……If you aren't overly anxious to fish you will love the drive.

When you arrive at the estancia, you will enter the ranch, passing by a "puesto" which is a sheep shearing station. After a few kilometers you will cross over the river on a newly constructed bridge. The new bridge makes it possible to access many beautiful locations on the ranch.

The living compound has many of the original homestead buildings that were built by the original homesteaders back in 1938 when they were granted the property by the Argentine government.  We have added a lodge and three cabins and a large game and relaxation complex.  We know you will find the area very clean, warm and historically interesting.  At night, when  you walk outside, although you can see hundreds of miles, you will probably not see a light bulb.  The stars are brilliant and the air is as crisp as it gets.

While on the ranch you will see normal cattle and sheep ranching activities.  We do not want to change this.  We want you to see ranching as it was a hundred years ago.  We hope you mingle with our gauchos and wonder in and out of the buildings and observe ranch operations  You can go horseback riding for hours or rent some of your ATV's for private and adventuresome exploration. View map of Argentina


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Why Patagonia?

Visitors to the famous lake and river region of Patagonia, Argentina walk around with their mouths open, constantly muttering things like, "unbelievable," "awesome," "breathtaking" and just plain "wow."

And that's before they make their first cast. For over one hundred years, this place has been a well-kept secret. Just now being discovered, totally secluded and remarkably pristine, this area resembles British Columbia, Jackson Hole, Telluride and the Swiss Alps all rolled up in one.